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On This Day

May 27

World MS Day

Grape Popsicle Day

1893 Algonquin Park is established.

1927 The Ford Motor Company stops making the Model T

1933 Three Little Pigs cartoon is released by Walt Disney

1937 The Golden Gate Bridge opens to pedestrians 1954 The film Johnny Guitar Premieres

1957 The tune “That will be the day” is released by the Crickets

1968 Montreal Expos & San Diego are award National League franchise

1975 The Philadelphia Flyers win the Stanley Cup over the Buffalo Sabres

1981 The premier of Friday the 13th part 2

1982 Colorado Rockies announce they are moving to New Jersey to become the Devils

1984 Run DMC drop there record RUN DMC

1986 Dagon Quest hits the arcades in Japan

2009 Barcelona win the Champions League final over Manchester United

Happy Birthday

1911 Vincent Price actor in House of Wax, The Ten Commandments

1933 Edward Rogers Jr born in Toronto was the richest person in Canada, President of Roger Communication

1945 Bruce Cockburn Musician

1955 Eric Bischoff wrestling personality

1971 Lisa Lopes in the band TLC

1974 Sky Edwars in the band Morcheeba

1975 Andre 3000 Rapper in Outkast

1982 Natalie Neidhart Wrestler

1988 Allyn Rose Model

1992 AARON Brown Aaron Brown Sprinter Silver and Bronze Medalist in The Olympics 4 x 100, was born in Toronto



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