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Naughty or Nice Christmas List

Mike Judge 's Christmas Shows

King of the Hill Christmas

King of the Hill was created by Mike Judge.

Voice Actors

Hank Hill & Bommhauer - Mike Judge

Peggy Hill - Kathy Najimy

Bobby Hill - Pamela Adlon

Luanne Platter - Brittany Murphy

Bill Dauterive - Stephen Root

Cotton Hill - Toby Huss

Tilly Hill - Tammy Wynette

Gary Kasner - Carl Reiner


The Unbearable Blindness of Laying

The Unbearable Blindness of Laying Season 2 Episode 11 First aired on December 21 1997. Directed by Cyndi Tang & Wesley Archer. Hanks mother comes to visit with her new Jewish boyfriend Hank goes blind because he catches his mother's boyfriend in the act with his mother, mother's boyfriend drives in to see his father his father shoots the Christmas tree thanks mother's boyfriend takes you to a television evangelist to cure his blindness

Episode Quote

Peggy Hill: Hank, when are you planning on telling me what you saw?

Hank Hill: I can't say. You want me to lose my voice too?


Pretty, Pretty Dresses

Pretty, Pretty Dresses Season 3 Episode 9 First aired on December 15 1998. Directed by Dominic Polcino & Wesley Archer. Bill's depression is kicking in because he remembers his ex-wife Lenore leaving him on Christmas Eve many years ago, so like a good friend Hank invites him over to dinner during the holidays. Bill brings up everyone's lost love, he even buys a pet iguana & names after his ex wife's Lenore. Piggy even invites a friend to dinner to hook up possibly with Bill but she's having none of it. No matter how wacky or depressed Bill is acting Hank is still standing beside his friend. Even when he wore one of Lenora's dresses to Hank's Strickland Propane Christmas party, Hank showed Bill some tough love, to help them overcome his loss of love and depression.

Episode Quote

Hank: Let me get you a beer.

Bill Dauterive: Beer is a depressant, Hank

Hank: Don't blame the beer.