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On this day

November 14

World Diabetes Day

1922 The BBC radio hits the air waves

1969 NASA launches Apollo 12

1995 The Primer of the film Casino directed by Martin Scorsese staring Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone, Joe Pesci, & Don Rickles.

2000 The Film Unbreakable debuts in New York, Directed by M. Night Shyamalan starring Bruce Willis, & Samuel L. Jackson

2006 The James Bond film Casino Royale hits movie theaters

2010 The first G-20 summit takes place in Washington DC

Happy Birthday

1719 Leopold Mozart Composer

1840 Claude Monet artist painter

1947 Buckwheat Zydeco musician

1948 Prince Charles The Prince of Wales

1954 Yanni musican

1964 Joseph Simmons aka RUN ka REV RUN Hip-Hop pioneer, founder of the legendary group RUN-DMC.

1966 Curt Schilling 3 x World Seriers Champion

1972 Matt Bloom aka Prince Albert, A- Train, WWE superstar

1986 Kalisto wrestler 2 x WWE United States Championship, 1 x WWE Cruiserweight Championship

1991 Taylor Hall NHL hockey player currently playing for the New Jersey Devils

1991 Yanet Garcia TV host, & model