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On This Day

November 15

Macho Man Randy Savage Day

1859 Athens, Greece the first Olympics games take place

1920 The League Of Nations meet for the first time in Geneva, Switzerland

1926 with 24 NBC radio stains hit the airwaves

1930 The last day of shooting for the Dracula

1986 The Beastie Boys release the album Licence to Ill

1990 Nasa launches Space Shuttle Atlantis

1998 WWF Survivor Series '98 The Rock wins the tournament to be crownd a new WWF Champion, Sable becomes the new WWF Women's Champion by beating Jacqueline

1999 On WCW Monday Nitro they have a Piñata on a Pole Match

Happy Birthday

1945 Frida Lygstad from the band ABBA

1952 Randy Macho Man Savage WWE Superstar 6 x World Champion

1967 E-40 Rapper

1968 OL Dirty Bastard Rapper, Wu-Tang Clan

1973 Sydney Tamiia Poitier actress in the films Death Proof, & Grindhouse

1982 Susie Abromeit artist actress in Jessica Jones & As The World Turns.

1985 Lily Aldridg

1991 Shailene Woodley Actress, Divergent

1999 Rachel Raxx


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