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On This Day

November 18

1883 North America adopts the standard time zones

1928 Steamboat Willie is released it's the first appearance by Mickey Mouse Directed by Walt Disney

1958 The epic film Ben-Hur premieres in New York at the Loew's State Theatre Directed by William Wyler

starring Charlton Heston, Jack Hawkins & Haya Harareet.

1963 First push button telephone goes available in the US

1986 A bill passes making all Ontario Government services available in French

2012 Wii U is released by Nintendo

2012 WWE Survivor Seriers '12 CM Punk Retains the WWE Championship in a Triple Treat Match vs John Cena & Ryback. Also the debut of The Shield

Happy Birthday

1923 Alan B Shepard the first american in space

1909 Johnny Mercer Co-founder of Capital Records

1928 Mickey Mouse the face of the Walt Disney Corporation, world's most famous mouse, actor has starred in Steamboat Willie, Mickey's Christmas Carol, Fantasia, Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas, Mickey's Magical Christmas , The Haunted House & Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas.

1936 Don Cherry Trumpet Player

1942 Linda Evans actress Dynasty

1953 Kevin Nealon Comedian Actor Weeds

1962 Kirk Hammett guitarist in the group Metallica

1968 Owen Wilson actor in The Royal Tenenbaums

1970 Megyn Kelly TV Show Host

1975 David Ortiz aka Big Papi Baseball player 3 x World Series Champ played with the Minnesota Twins & Boston Red Sox

1977 Fabolous Rapper

1981 Mike Jones Rapperlle

1981 Allison Tolman actress starred in Good Girls & Fargo.

1986 Nicolette Shea model

1992 Keren Swanson youtuber

1996 Rachelle DiStasio Ballet Dancer



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