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On This Day

November 30

1872 Scotland vs England play the first international football match

1969 Antonio Inoki wins the WWF Championship over Bob Backlund only to vacate the title a week later.

1982 Michael Jackson releases Thriller

1993 Jacksonville Jaguars become the 30th franchise in the NFL

Happy Birthday

1835 Mark Twain author

1874 Winston Churchill Prime Minister of UK

1929 Dick Clark Tv Host

1955 Billy Idol musician

1962 Bo Jackson Legendary Athlete played both Football & baseball in the same season won the Heisman Trophy winner 1985 played for the LA Raiders & Kansas City Royals

1965 Ben Stiller actor There’s something about Mary, Zoolander

1973 Christian Wrestler 9 x WWE Tag Team Champion 2 x World Heavy Weight champion

1985 Chrissy Teagan Model

1985 Kaley Cuoco actress in Big Bang Theory, & The Man from Toronto

1995 Kaelynn Harris Dancer