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On This Day

October 18

Alaska Day

1867 Alaska Day USA purchased Alaska from Russia for 7.2 million dollars

1931 Grandfather of cinema Thomas Edison passes away

1974 The Rolling Stones release the album It's Only Rock 'n Roll

1977 The New York Yankees With Mr. October Reggie Jackson beat their Arch rivals The Los Angeles dodgers In six games to win the World Series.

1992 The Toronto Blue Jays become the first Canadian team to win the World Series beating the Atlanta Braves

2005 Batman VS Dracula is released on Video voiced by Rino Romano, & Peter Stormare.

Happy Birthday

1919 Pierre Trudeau the 15th Prime Minister of Canada

1926 Chuck Berry Musical Legend pioneer of Rock N Roll

1939 Mike Ditka Football player, broadcaster & Coach 3 time Super Bowl Champion

1939 Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly assassinated John F. Kennedy

1952 Chuck Lorre TV Guru, The Big Bang Theory, Two & a Half Men, Roseanne

1960 Jean-Claude Van Damme Actor Bloodsport, Timecop, Universal Soldier

1978 Gloria Garayua Actress

1987 Zac Efron Actor High School Musical, Neighbours

1990 Bristol Palin