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On This Day

October 30

Devils Knight

National Frankenstein Day

1938 HG Wells The War of the World is broadcasted by Orson Welles

1945 Jackie Robinson is signed by the Brooklyn Dodgers breaking the colour barrier

1974 Muhammad Ali VS George Foreman The Rumble in the Jungle

1970 The Flintstones Meet Rockula and Frankenstone first air on TV Directed by Ray Patterson charters voiced by Gay Autterson, Mel Blanc, Ted Cassidy, Henry Corden & John Stephenson.

1985 Lift off of the Space Shuttle Challenger

1987 TurboGrafx-16 is released

2013 Boston Red Sox win the World Series in 6 games over the St. Louis Cardinals

Happy Birthday

1939 Grace Slick musician Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship

1945 Henry Winller Actor The Fonz, Scream

1957 Kevin Pollak actor Willow, Wayne’s World 2, The Usual Suspects, Casino

1973 Edge WWE superstar

1981 Ivanka Trump Business women

1990 Tia Cyrus actress