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On This Day

July 17

Emoji Day

Ice Cream Day

World Day for International Justice

1902 The air conditioner is invented by Willis Carrier

1955 Disneyland Opens in Anaheim, California

1976 The opening ceremonies of the Montreal Olympics

1976 The song Magic Man is released by Hart

1987 RoboCop hits movie theatres

2010 RJZTV hits the internet for the first time with a live stream.

Happy Birthday

1879 Jack Laviolette hockey player

1899 James Cagney actor

1928 Vince Guaraldi musician composed music for Peanuts

1933 Karmenu Mifsud Bonnibi 9th Prime Minister of Malta

1948 Ron Asheton guitarist The Stooges

1952 David Hasselhoff actor singer Night Rider

1961 Guru rapper

1982 Natasha Hamilton actress Atomic Kitten