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On This Day

July 19

Roy Orbison Day

1908 In Rotterdam Feyenoord are formed

1925 Ottavio Bottecchia wins the Tour de France

1943 World Wars 2 Rome is bombed

1954 That’s Alright Elvis Presley’s first single is released.

1966 Frank Sinatra gets married to Mia Farrow

1980 The Olympic games open in Moscow, the US team boycott

1995 The film Clueless opens in movie theatres

1996 The Olympic games open in Atlanta

Happy Birthday

1924 Pat Hingle actor Batman

1947 Bernie Leadon in the Band the Eagles

1947 Brian May in the band Queen

1952 Allen Collins musician in the band Lynyrd Skynyrd

1976 Benedict Cumberbatch actor Star Trek Into Darkness, The Simpsons, Doctor Strange, Thor: Ragnarok , Avengers: Infinity War & Avengers: Endgame.

1984 Matthias Laurenz Gräff artist

1991 Lauren Caster actress


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