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July 29

Chicken Wing Day

Lipstick Day

1921 National Socialist German Workers Party elects Adolf Hitler as the leader.

1948 In London the opening ceremonies of the XIV Olympics

1959 The song Shout is released by The Isley Brothers

1959 The film The Tingler is released in movie theatres starring Vincent Price

1963 Blowin’ in the wind is released by Peter, Paul, & Mary

Happy Birthday

1883 Benito Mussolini Prime Minister of Italy

1923 George Burditt TV producer of Three's Company

1924 Black Dahlia murder victim

1925 Ted Lindsay NHL hockey great

1933 Captain Lou Albano WWF legend

1946 Diane Keen actress

1953 Ken Burns documentary film director

1953 Geddy Lee musician in the band Rush

1959 John Sykes musician in the band Thin Lizzy

1962 Carl Cox EDM

1962 Scott Steiner Big Pappa Pump wrestling legend

1973 Wanya Morris sing in Boys II Men

1977 Danger Mouse musician

1988 Sabrina van der Donk model Miss Earth 2006

1994 Eva Gutowski actress How To Survive a Break-Up

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