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On This Day

July 9

1981 The Nintendo video game Donkey Kong is released it also features the debut of Super Mario

1993 The Nunavut act passes in The Parliament of Canada

2006 Italy wins the World Cup 5 - 3 in penalty kicks over France

Happy Birthday

1947 OJ Simpson football player, Criminal

1947 Mitch Mitchell musician in the band The Jimi Hendrix Experience

1955 Jimmy Smiths actor Sons of Anarchy, Star Wars,

1956 Tom Hanks actor

1959 Kevin Nash WWE Superstar actor

1964 Courtney Love musician actress

1975 Jack White musician White Strips

1975 Shelton Benjamin Pro Wrestler 3 x WWE Intercontinental Champion

1975 Isaac Brock musician in Modest Mouse

1976 Fred Savage actor The Wonder Years