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On This Day

September 23

Mabon: Autumnal Equinox


1845 New York Kickerbockers create the modern rules of baseball

1889 Nintendo is founded

1962 Jetsons bring colour to the Television.

1980 At the Pittsburgh's Stanley Theatre Bob Marley gives his last performance.

1989 Transformers season 2 episode 1 air for the first time

1992 Mike Bossy, Denis Potvin along with the first women to play in the NHL Manon Rheaume are entered into the Hockey Hall Of Fame.

1994 ED Wood Premiers at the New York Film Festival

Happy Birthday

1938 Ben E. King musician

1920 Mickey Rooney actor

1930 Ray Charles musician

1949 The Boss Bruce Springsteen musician

1959 Jason Alexander actor Seinfeld

1972 Jermaine Dupri Musician

1974 Matt Hardy

1975 Lazy Bone Rapper in Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

1986 Kaylee DeFer actress Red State

1991 Philippa Northeast actress in Home & Away


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