Sites n Sounds

Sites: background images of the playing card using images from space, underwater, famous places, & comics.

Sounds: Got back into recording my own music, so I’m adding the experimental demos to the projects, too videos.

Clubs Set

Clubs Set

ACE Club Boat @ Sunset

Club Queen Club is the Perfume for The Soul

King Clubs Bot pray’s to the da doc

Jack Club Beats at Home

10 of Clubs are CONTAGIOUS

9 Exercise Balloons Clubs

8 Clubs Missed You

7 Clubs, Bowz N Bonez

6 lady of the balloons clubs

5 Waves behind Bars for Clubs

4 Sleepy City Night Clubs

3 Wrong Tech Clubs

2 Wednesday’s in the Parquet Clubs

Diamonds Set

Ace of Diamonds Pray

King Citizens of Diamonds

Queen babushkas of Diamonds

Jack & the fight 4 purgatory Diamonds

10 diamond Bride over Miami Nights

9 Pussy Cotton Diamonds

8 Cypher sphere Diamonds

7 Climbing the diamond leaf

6 diamonds along the side of space mountain

5 Diamond Tree Blueprints

4 bubble bath with Diamonds

3 Diamonds on the coke filled mines

2 Diamond Ballerina