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Sites n Sounds

The Sites N sounds Last Card collage collection is a Set of Playing Cards using a Site ( image of an interesting space) n Sounds is demos I’m recording using Ableton Live 11, FL Studios Cubase, and M-audio 61 Keys.

Sites: Foreground n background images of the playing card using images from space, underwater, famous places, comics & Paris Collage Collective.

Sounds: Live instruments, samples, and audio DAWS.

Spades Sites n Sounds Demo

The Spades suite is the last of the sites and sounds series. The beat was made using a demo version on FL Studios, most of the background images used in the colleges were from photos I took. Collages were created using Adobe Photoshop.

Ace of Spades All A’z

King of Spades manger blue baby at the #Abbey of #SanGalgano in #Tuscany,Italy

QUEEN of sitting on the doc

Jack of Spades Staring into Space

10 of Spades Mess with the Bull

9 of Spades Astro Floating

8 of Spade Sipping on Psychedelics

​​7 of Spade Flip Kicking the Falls

6 of Spades Tree of Crypto Coin

5 of Spades Da Bridge of fire

4 of Spades Snowman Water Skiing

3 of Spades Postcard from the edge

2 of Spades Boys watching Pod Hockey

Hearts Sites n Sounds Demo

The images for the collages came from some of my blender projects, images from the Paris Collage Challenge, Google Maps, Russian Magazines, and photos I took.

Heats demo was created on Ableton Live 11, with a M-Audio 61 Keys

using a variety of samples one from the album HERNANDO AVILES Y SU CUARTETO - PUERTO RICO

2 of Hearts Modem Art Skyscrapers

3 of Hearts War of the Trees

4 of Hearts Under The Neon Waters

5 of Hearts Space Tracers

6 of Hearts Battle of the 3 heads

7 of Hearts Rainy Day at the Beach

8 of Hearts New Wave Psychic

9 of Hearts No Direction at all

10 Harts Class of 10 harts

Jack of Hearts Underground of Lost Souls

Queen of Hearts of Red Smoke

King of Heart One Day I’ll be King

Ace of Hearts Nana and her Ace

Clubs Sites n Sounds Demo

Clubs Set

ACE Club Boat @ Sunset

Club Queen Club is the Perfume for The Soul

King Clubs Bot pray’s to the da doc

Jack Club Beats at Home

10 of Clubs are CONTAGIOUS

9 Exercise Balloons Clubs

8 Clubs Missed You

7 Clubs, Bowz N Bonez

6 lady of the balloons clubs

5 Waves behind Bars for Clubs

4 Sleepy City Night Clubs

3 Wrong Tech Clubs

2 Wednesday’s in the Parquet Clubs

Diamonds Sites n Sounds Demo

Ace of Diamonds Pray

King Citizens of Diamonds

Queen babushkas of Diamonds

Jack & the fight 4 purgatory Diamonds

10 diamond Bride over Miami Nights

9 Pussy Cotton Diamonds

8 Cypher sphere Diamonds

7 Climbing the diamond leaf

6 diamonds along the side of space mountain

5 Diamond Tree Blueprints

4 bubble bath with Diamonds

3 Diamonds on the coke filled mines

2 Diamond Ballerina

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