100 Day Project is an online art challenge that takes place over 100 days this year 2020, it starts from April 7 to July 15, where artist post their art creations / projects to Instagram using the hashtag #100dayprojects #100dayproject2020. It all started in 2004. This is my second year of doing the 100 Project. Last year I took Black n White photos this year mostly because I’m stuck at home due to the covid-19 epidemic, I'm creating collages using Mod Podge, magazines, comics, packaging, things around my apartment.

The first 10 days…. I started off with a piece called The Pyramid. The canvas is a scrap wood that already had a triangle painted on it, which I used as the framework for the project, as a pyramid or mountain, the background I wanted to use headlines & paragraphs from different articles. Inside used black & white text, on the outside colored background & text. Then added the Aircraft, spice ships with parachutes. Then building, people in a battle & the animals where last and most are placed on the bottom.

The second was The Flower Lady on a canvas.

#LASTCARD Quarantine addition

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