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100 Day Project

Day 21- 30

Day 21 - 30 of the 100 Day Project Mod Podge / Collage edition. A Buckets, a back of broken guitar with some of my favorite Rock stars, scrape peace of plastic board of a unrest in a cityscape & continuing the Last Card project where I using Playing Cards as my canvas.

Day 21 Added some smaller fish to The Bucket, I plan on adding lights so I could use it outside on my patio in the summertime, Day 22 / 23 a smell plastic board canvas with comic I tried not to use any superheroes, I wanted riots, war and unrest in a cityscape, it was April 29,a day I could never forget the LA riots that took place as well as civil unrest it Toronto due to police brutality. Day 24

was back side of a broken guitar, it took me a while to start it, because I didn’t want to fuck it up, so one day I just got it done. Day 25 Finished off Last Card Deck. Day 26 - 30 Started a new deck of cards no theme just using instinct.

Made a new beat using LMMS, this is really my second song. Building a beat, I’m still trying to figure out how to use LMMS, I really just wanted to add some music to my videos.

The Video is edited using Blender.


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