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100 Day Project Day 31 to 40

Day 31 to 40 of the 100 Day Project Mod Podge / Collage edition. In this 10 day period, created a piece about Freedom, an Inflatable Alien Queen, The Battle of Adam & Eve, & Remixing Cylinders. The score was created on LMMS and the video was edited using Blender.

Day 31 - 33 With all the conversation in the media about Freedom. As I question what freedom is, what are freedoms?… Are you free? So I chose Freedom as a theme for this piece using a flat of cardboard, that was in a vinyl record cover frame. So I started with photos of blue skies and puffy white clouds & some words that I may associate with freedom. Day 34 A mashup of photos from magazines, I call it.. The Inflatable Alien Queen. Day 35 I just dumped a bag of cut outs and created what I call The Battle of Adam & Eve…Day 36 - 40 _ Remixing Cylinders _ remixing cans Beer, mushroom, and even a Scooby-Doo! With a college of photos from magazines & comic books. The idea of the using cylinders came from the bottle of wine I made earlier and how cool it looked in the video, and had a few cans around, especially of beer, so why not!

Once again used LMMS for the score, still trying to figure out how to use the program, this time I recorded & imported, my own sounds to be part of the score.

The video is being edited using Blender 2.8 using the Video Editing.