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100 Day Project Day 51 - 60

DAY 51 - 60 of the 100 Day Project Mod Podge / Collage edition this was by far the hardest 10 days to get through with this project watching the media with COVID- 19 spreading across the world, the murder of George Floyd by the four police officers, & Regis Korchinski-Paquet, who was allegedly pushed from her balcony by the Toronto police. All the people standing up for for the rights and freedoms for black people not only in America not only in Canada but across the world, the police and military attacking people whose rights and freedoms that they are supposed to be representing. So most of my pieces the last 10 days are reflecting inequality, injustice, media manipulation, that's currently & has been going on in our society, that we need to change.

Day 51 Discover Fun took photos from art & fashion magazines used them as my canvas, so I cut & pasted them all together.Day 52 Last Card Words First. Day 53 Don’t Push - dedicated to Regis Korchinski-Paqueta black woman with epilepsy, who was allegedly pushed from her balcony by the police, it happened in my neighbourhood. So I took one of an old photograph of Toronto taken from Centro Island, showing the SkyDome, CN Tower & rest of the skyline. Added the words Don’t Push. DAY 54 - 56 Last Cards Words First. Day 57 Black Out Day. Day 58 Z - I wanted to experiment with a larger piece, where I would build by adding layers to the piece, so I found an old flat of plastic that looked worn down and the colour was faded. It was perfect for what I was looking to do. First adding the buildings, a train, a volcano. Day 59 I added some characters like a dominatrix, a runner, lovers, military men & police officers. Day 60 added the Border of communications.

Once again used LMMS for the score, still trying to figure out how to use the program, this time I recorded & imported, my own sounds to be part of the score.

The video is being edited using Blender 2.8 using the Video Editing.

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