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Alf’s Christmas Special

Alf aka Gordon Shumway the alien from the planet Melmac in a 2 part episode. Alf finds out about the true meaning of earth’s Christmas. It’s considered one of the most depressing Christmas episodes in television history. Originally aired on December 14 1987.

Night Court

S1E2: Santa Goes Downtown

Directed by Asaad Kelada Starring Harry Anderson, Karen Austin, John Larroquette, Richard Moll & Michael J Fox aired on January 11 1984.

Santa is in court, nobody believes he is the real Santa even thought he knows everyones name and what happen in their Christmas past, a couple trouble teens one played by Michael J Fox are also in court that night as well, Santa winds up helping the teens find that the world does care.

Night Court

S05 E11 Let it Snow

Directed by Jeff Melman Starring Harry Anderson, Markie Post John Larroquette, & Charles Robinson. Aired on December 17 1987.

A snow storm cancels everyones Christmas party plans but the Gang pulls together and make their own Christmas Party.

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