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April 19

Garlic Day

Bicycle Day

1865 American President Abraham Lincoln funeral is held

1904 The Great Toronto fire starts at E. S. Curry on Bay & Wellington

1960 MLB players now have their name on the back of their Uniforms

1986 Michael Spinks wins the Boxing heavyweight Championship over Larry Holmes

1987 The Premier of the film Wicked City

1987 The Tracy Ullman show premiers The Simpsons.

1991 Evender Holyfield beats George Forman for the Boxing heavyweight Championship

1994 Illmatic is released by Nas

1995 Oklahoma City bombing

2011 Fidel Castro steps down after 45 years of learner of Cuba

Happy Birthday

1933 Jayne Mansfield actress

1944 Bernie Worrell in the band Parliament Funkadelic

1954 Bob Rock Music Producer

1956 Randy Carlyle NHL hockey Player

1958 Stevie B musician

1965 Suge Knight Music Producer, Death Row Records

1968 Ashley Judd musician

1972 RIVALDO footballer Brazil 75 caps 35 goals

1978 James Franco actor Spiderman, Pineapple Express

1979 Kate Hudson actress Almost Famous

1981 Hayden Christensen actor in Star Wars, Goosebumps & Little Italy

1987 Maria Sharapova Tennis player US Open 2006 Wimbledon 2004

1990 Kim Chiu actress

1996 Oriana Sabatini actress