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On This Day

April 25


Telephone Day

1901 The 1st license plates are issued in New York State

1954 Solar Cells are demonstrated for the first time

1994 Parklife an album Blur hits store shelves

Happy Birthday

1917 Ella Fitzgerald singer actress

1923 Albert King musician

1940 Al Pacino actor

1945 Bjorn Ulbaeus singer in the band ABBA

1946 Talia Shire actress stared in Rocky, & Godfather.

1963 Bernd Muller football great

1964 Hank Azaria actor in The Simpsons, Ray Donovan, Pretty Woman, & Herman's Head

1969 Joe Buck sportscaster

1969 Renee Zellweger actress

1976 Tim Duncan NBA basketball player 5 x NBA Champion

1990 Karen Yeung Youtube Star

1995 Madison Louch Instagram model


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