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On this day

April 26

Help a Horse Day

Hug a Friend Day

1920 Winnipeg Falcons win the first hockey Olympic gold metal beating Sweden 12 - 1

1954 The Seven Samurai hits movie theatres in Japan

1962 Ranger IV becomes the first rocket to land on the moon

1974 Malta signs it Constitution

1977 Studio 54 opens in New York City

1983 John Elway is picked first overall by The Baltimore Colts

1985 Grandmaster Flash releases the album They Said it Could be Done.

1986 The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant disaster

1991 Dinosaurs premiemes on ABC

1992 The Final episode of Growing Pains & Who's The Boss air on ABC

1995 The film Friday Directed by F. Gary Gray starring ICE-CUBE, Chris Tucker, John Witherspoon, & DJ Pooh

1999 After losing the WCW title to Sting, DDP wins the title in fatal 4 ways

Happy Birthday

1878 Frank Gotch wrestler

1926 David Coleman game show host

1933 Carol Burnett actress comedian

1960 Roger Taylor in the band Duran Duran

1963 Jet Li actor

1967 Mayor Glenn Jacobs aka the demon Kane, Mayor of Knox County Pro Wrestler 2 x WWE Champion, 1 x WWE 24/7 Championship

1970 Melania Trump Wife of Donald Trump

1970 Tionne Watkins in the band TLC

1980 Channing Tatum actor

1981 MS. Dynamite rapper

1990 KIm YU-mi model


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