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On This Day

August 10

Lazy Day

S’mores Day

1776 The American Revolution.

1792 The French Revolution

1948 The ABC network is on the Tube for the first time one of the first shows Candid Camera

1950 The film Sunset Boulevard premieres starring William Holden & Gloria Swanson

1960 The film premiere of Psycho directed by Alfred Hitchcock

1969 The second day of Charles Manson Family murders

1985 Michael Jackson has the rights to all the Beatles catalogue when he purchase ATV music

Happy Birthday

1898 Jack Haley actor in the film Wizard of OZ

1940 Bobby Hatfield musician in the Righteous Brothers

1959 Rosanna Arquette actress

1968 Michael Bivins R & B singer in the band's New Edition & BBD

1971 Roy Keane footballer

1980 Stuart Alexander aka Wade Barrett WWE superstar

1997 Kylie Jenner model


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