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On This Day

August 28

1898 Pepsi Cola is invented by Caleb Bradham

1916 World War 1 Germany declares war on Romania, Italy decals war on Germany

1946 The Film The Killers premiers Directed by Robert Siodmak starring Burt Lancaster, Ava Gardner & Edmond O'Brien.

1963 At Lincoln Memorial Dr. Martin Luther King gives his “ I Have a dream!” speech

1964 The Beatles appear on front cover of Time magazine

1964 Bob Dylan passes John Lennon his first joint

1968 At Democratic National Convention in Chicago a riot breaks out

1987 John Huston passes away

1989 At WWF SummerSlam ’89 The Ultimate Warrior becomes WWE Intercontinental Championship pinning Rick Rude

Happy Birthday

1929 Roxie Roker actress in The Jeffersons

1938 Paul Martin Canada’s 21st Prime Minister

1940 Ken Jenkins actor

1942 Sterling Morrison musician in the band The Velvet Undeground

1957 Daniel Stern actor director Daniel, C.H.U.D, Born in East LA, Home Alone

1965 Shania Twain singer

1969 Jack Black musician actor comedian

1969 Mary McCartney photographer daughter of Paul McCartney

1978 Jess Margera musician in the band CKY

1982 LeAnn Rimes musician

1983 Kimberly Kane pornstar

1986 Florence Welch musician in Florence and the Machine

1990 Katie Findlay actress

1991 Andrej Pejic Model


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