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August 30

Trail Mix Day

International Day of the Disappeared

1835 The city of Melbourne Australia is established

1905 Ty Cobb plays his first MLB for the Detroit Tigers

1937 Joe Louis win Boxing Heavyweight title over Tommy Farr

1965 Bob Dylan release the album Highway 61 Revisited

1993 The first episode of The Late Show with David Letterman with guest Billy Joel

1972 The film The Last House on the Left opens in Movie theatres

1979 A rabbit attacks US president Jimmy Carter

1997 Houston Comets win the 1st WNBA Championship beating New York Liberty

1998 WWE SummerSlam 98 Steve Austin pins the Undertaker to keep WWF world Title

Happy Birthday

1797 Mary Shelley author Frankenstein

1926 Erine Roth in WWE Hall of Fame

1930 Warren Buffett Businessman

1935 John Phillips aka Papa musician in the band The Mama and the Papas

1939 John Peel BBC radio host

1948 Lewis Black comedian actor

1953 Horace Panter musician in the band The Specials

1963 Paul Oakenfold EMD DJ

1966 Michael Michele actress

1971 Lars Frederksen musician in the band Rancid

1972 Cameron Diaz actress Sex Tape, Bad Teacher, SNL, Any Given Sunday, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

1973 Lisa Ling journalist

1982 Andy Roddick Tennis player

1992 Jessica Henwick actress the show Game of Thrones