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On This Day

August 6

Jamaican Independence Day

Jamaican Patty Day

Mustard Day

1926 The film Don Juan premieres it’s the first film to use sound with Vitaphone sound on disc system

1945 America drops The Atomic bomb is on Hiroshima , Japan

1959 The premier of the film Alfred Hitchcock’s North By Northwest

1960 The start of the Cuban Revolution

1962 Jamaica gains independence from Great Britain

1965 Faster, Pussycat! Kill Kill! hits movie theatres directed by Russ Meyer staring Tura Stana

1965 American President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the Voters Right Act into law.

1965 The single Help is released by The Beatles

1985 The MLB Baseball players go on Strike

1996 A Song of Ice and Fire is published the first A Game of Thrones book written by George R.R. Martin

2012 The Curiosity rover lands on mars

2015 The final episode of the Daily Show hosted by Jon Stewart.

Born Today

Happy Birthday

1911 Lucille Ball comedian actress

1916 Dom Mintoff 8th Prime Minister of Malta

1924 Samuel Bowers co founder of the KKK

1928 Andy Warhol artist

1947 Dino Bravo WWE great

1969 Elliott Smith musician

1970 M. Night Shyamalan fim director

1972 Geri Halliwell in the group Spice Girls

1976 Soleil Moon Frye actress was in the hit 80's TV show Punky Brewster

1976 Melissa George actress

1984 Sofia Essaïdi musician actress

1993 Charlotte McKinney actress in Baywatch, Flatliners, &First We Take Brooklyn.