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On This Day

August 1

Girlfriends Day

1831 The opening day of London Bridge

1876 Colorado becomes the 38th U.S. state p

1936 The opening of the Olympic Games in Berlin Germany

1941 The first Jeep hits the production line

1942 Race riots start in New York

1944 Anna Frank makes her last entry into her diary

1954 Rear Window opens in movie theatres directed by Alfred Hitchcock

1957 NORAD program begins

1958 The Hanna & Barbara cartoon Tom & Jerry is released

1960 The song The Twist is released by Chubby Checker.

1971 The debut of TV show Sonny and Cher Hour

1973 The premiere of the George Lucas film America Graffiti.

1980 MTV hits TV screens the first video they play is Video Killed the Radio Star.

Happy Birthday

1893 Alexander of Greece

1933 Dom DeLuise actor comedian

1959 Joe Elliott musician in the band Def Leopard

1960 Chuck D Rapper, Activist in The band Public Enemy

1960 Professor Griff Rapper,Activist in The band Public Enemy

1963 Coolio rapper

1972 Devon Hughes D-Von Dudley Pro Wrestler 9 x WWE / WWF Tag Team Championship, WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2018

1976 Kate Norby actress The Devil’s Rejects

1989 Devanny Pinn actress

1992 Scarlet Red actress


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