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Naughty or Nice Christmas List

Orphan's at Christmas

Sad televised Christmas tales featuring orphans, reminding us all that there’s a lot of lonely people out in this world, without family or someone to care for them, and a lot of them are just kids.

The Fall Guy

Escape Clause

Season 5 Episode 8

Directed by Bruce Bilson


Lee Majors - Colt Seavers

Douglas Barr - Howie Munson

Heather Thomas - Jody Banks

Santa - Bernard

The Episodes aired on December 21 1985 on ABC,

Starts off with the most 80’s Christmas song never herd, Santa is outside a police station just released from prison for releasing reindeer from the mall petting zoo. He was talking with some guy in the suit. There are two guys in a white van learing at Santa and the guy in the suit, they follow Santa and the guy in a suit who hands Santa a key, then get shot by the two guys in the white van.

The Fall Guy is about a group of bounty hunters based in LA, they has been sent on a job to catch Santa, So where do find Santa in the 80’s? A mall!

The Bounty Hunters are taking Santa to jail because he skipped bail, on the way to jail the dudes from the white van spot Santa. A car chase ensues. Santa pulls off some Christmas magic to help him and the bounty hunters Escape. After some car trouble Santa steals the bounty hunters car. The bounty hunters are back on the hunt for Santa, which is the second place you look for Santa on an 80s television show but an orphanage. It turns out the key that Santa has is the open safe at a bus station, when they open the safe at the bus station they find a briefcase filled with bonds and fight with the guys from the van. One of the orphans goes missing along with the briefcase so the bounty hunters and Santa find a boy at an old pool hall, another fight with the dudes from the van, who are working for some scumbag yuppie who is after the bonds in the briefcase. The orphan is taken hostage by the dudes in the van. Another brawl at the gangsters hideout, the boys returned to the orphanage the bonds are returned to the bank so they stay richer than they are and the orphanage is saved at least till Easter.

The Gift

A Toy Truck


Judy Banks - I wish we could have a White Christmas, that’s one thing I miss about growing up here.

Howie Munson - Snow in LA in the middle of a heat wave


The Six Million Dollar man

A Bionic Christmas Carol

Season 4 Episode 10

Lee Majors - Col. Steve Austin

Dick Sargent - Bob Crandall

Antoinette Bower - Nora Crandall

Ray Watson - Mr. Horton Budge

The episodes aired on ABC on December 12 1976 Its Christmas eve everyone has to work & Mr. Crandall owns Mr. Horton Budge alcoholic, NASA contractor, the screws of this tailScrooge $8000, Steve Austin the 6 million Dollar Man, is that the facility for an inspection. There is an explosion at the Martin environmental tester module, luckily Steve Austin is there to save the man's the life, by prying open the sealed the worst with his bare own hands, but according to Mr. Horton Budge accident or no accident the work must go on. Takes Steve home with him for some his wife Laura's cooking. Crandall is in-depth and can’t afford a Christmas trees, Steve leaps to the top of a tree and rips the top of tree to give the kids there backyard tree as a Christmas gift, Insurance the kids Santa will be coming to town. Mr. Horton Budge is at home sick, using his sickness to his advantage Steve pretends to be the ghost that visit Ebeneezer Scrooge. So

Mr. Horton Budge so sees the air in his ways forgives the loan that Mr. Crandall used for his wife’s medical procedure.


Driver Mr. Crandall

There is no reason why, you can enjoy my wife’s cooking!

The Gift

The bionic man gives his boss a broken lamp plus the Jaws Toy at the Department Store.


The Love Boat

Lonely at the Top/ Silent Night / Divorce Me, Please

Season 1 Episode 11

Gavin Macleod - Captain Merrill Stubing

Florence Henderson - Audrey Baynes

Donna Mills - Lila Barton

Dick Sargent - Father Mike

First aired on ABC on December 10 1977 Off we sail on The Love Boat for Christmas cruise with an X Con, an older unhappily married couple the wife Play by Florence Henderson from the Brady Bunch fame, and a priest with six orphans. The X con out for revenge, he pulls gun on his old law partner who sent him up the river, Santa played by the Caption missed one of the Orphans Christmas’s present, the unhappily married couple couture hating each other behind each other back, but wind up falling back in love, the X con partner redeems himself by turning himself in, and Santa on the captain gives the boy a sextant instrument.


The Cruise



Your good with Kid


They are just short people


Maybe that’s why you’re a priest and I’m a Captain


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