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On This Day

December 23


1823 The Night Before Christmas orignal know as A Visit from St. Nicholas is published

1888 Vincent Van Gogh cuts off his ear

1911 The Denman Arena the first artificial ice rink opens in Vancouver

1973 Young & Restless premiers on TV

1994 MLB introduce a Salary Cap for Baseball teams

Happy Birthday

1911 Maria Orav Chess player

1929 Chet Baker Jazz Musician

1964 Eddy Vedder Peal Jam

1971 Corey Haim actor License to Drive, Lost Boys

1978 Jodie Marsh model

1979 Scott Gomez NHL Hockey player

1979 Holly Madison Playboy Bunny

1991 Liz Nolan Reality star, & model

1991 Julia Nolan Reality Star & Model

2002 Finn Wolfhard actor Stranger Things & IT


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