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On This Day

December 30

Bacon Day

1896 Montreal Victorias win the Stanley Cup beating the Winnipeg Victorias 6 - 5

1908 Montreal Wanderers win the Stanley Cup outscoring Edmonton Eskimos 13 - 10 in a two game set

1954 The First RCA CT-100 Colour TV goes on sale in the US for $1,175

1966 One Million Years BC directed by Don Cherry and Starring Raquel Welch is released

1981 Wayne Gretzky scores 50 goals in 39 games

2006 Saddam Hussein is executed

Happy Birthday

39 Titus Emperor of Roma

1928 Bo Diddley Musician

1947 Patti Smith Musician

1945 Vernon Wells MLB baseball player

1961 Ben Johnson sprinter

1965 Heidi Fleiss Madam

1975 Tiger Woods Golfer

1977 Lucy Punch actress Hot Fuzz, Bad Teacher

1977 Laila Ali daughter of Muhammad Ali, boxer

1978 Tyrese Gibson actor The Fast & the Furious

1983 Kevin Systrom co-founder of Instagram

1984 LeBron James NBA basketball player

1986 Ellie Goulding pop star

1988 Mia Kang model

1992 Lyra Louvel actress



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