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On This Day

February 12

Red Hand Day

1909 NAACP is formed

1931 The film Dracula staring Bela Lugosi Directed by Tod Browning premieres in New York.

1974 The Wurlitzer Opus 558 is played in its new home Casa Loma after being moved from Shea's Hippodrome then to Maple Leaf Gardens 1988 The film School Daze Directed by Spike Lee Starring Laurence Fishburne, Tisha Campbell-Martin & Samuel L Jackson,

1988 Action Jackson hits movie theatres staring Carl Weathers, & Sharon Stone

1990 MC Hammer releases the album Please Don't Hurt'em Hammer

1997 The film Dangerous Ground starring ICE-CUBE & Elizabeth Hurley.

2004 MLSE owners for the Toronto Maple Leafs purchase the Toronto Raptors

2010 The Opening Of the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver & Whistler BC

2017 Bray Wyatt wins the WWE Elimination Chamber match & wins WWE Title.

Happy Birthday

1809 Charles Darwin Father of evolutionary science.

1809 Abraham Lincoln the 16th President Of the United States

1934 Bill Russell NBA Legend played with the Boston Celtics 11 x NBA championships, Presidential Medal of Freedom,

1936 Judy Blume author

1956 Aresnio Hall - Comedian, TV Host, Actor starred in The Real Ghost Busters, The Aresnio Hall Show, & Coming to America

1960 One Man Gang George Gray WWE Superstar

1980 Gucci Mane Rapper


1980 Christina Ricci actress

1992 Abigail Ratchford Supermodel