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On This Day

February 17

World Human Sprit Day

1922 The film Nosferatu premieres in The Hague first Dracula film directed by F.W. Murnau Starred Max Schreck.

1933 Newsweek hits news stands

1958 The comic strip BC is 1st published

1982 Thelonious Monk Passes away

1988 The Geto Boys Reales their first album Making Trouble

1989 The Burbs starring Tom Hanks hits movie theathers

1989 Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure is released in theatres

Happy Birthday

1936 Jim Brown football player, actor

1954 Rene Russo actress One, Good Cop, Get Shorty,

1962 Lou Diamond Phillips actor La Bamba, Young Guns

1963 Larry The Cable Guy comedian

1963 Michael Jordan basketball hall of fammer 6 x NBA Champion, 10 x NBA Scoring Champion

1966 Luc Robitaille hockey player

1971 Denise Richards model actress

1972 Billie Joe Armstrong musician Green Day

1981 Paris Hilton Reality TV Star, Super Model, DJ,

1991 Ed Sheeran Musician