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On This Day

February 28

Public Sleeping Day

1935 Nylon was invented by Wallace Carothers for the Dupont Corporation

1968 Toronto international airport is ready for take off

1991 The end of the first Gulf War.

1983 The Final Episode of MASH airs on CBS

1984 Michael Jackson win 8 X Grammy Awards including Record of the Year, Album of the year, Best Recording For Children.

1995 Jewel release her debt album Pieces of You

2004 Gigli Directed by Martin Best starring Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, Al Pacino wins a Golden Raspberry Award for worst picture

2005 the 19th Soul Train Awards take in LA, winners Jay-Z, Alicia Keys

2010 A Golden Day In Canada in the Closing Ceremonies of the 2010 Olympics Canada Men & Women win a Gold medal in hockey

Happy Birthday

1906 Bugsy Siegel Gangster

1942 Brian Jones a guitarist in the band Rolling Stones

1945 Bubba Smith NFL player 2 x Superbowl Champion also an Actor in: Police Academy series, Gremlins #2

1953 Rick Sremboat WWE Hall of Famer, Intercontinental Champion

1957 Cindy Wilson singer in the band B-52’s

1973 Eric Lindros NHL hockey player

1986 Olivia Palermo actress in the The Smurfs, & The City.

1998 Tiana Lachnit Youtube star


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