Football Flicks

The lights are shining bright here at RJZTV stadium, it’s the grid game, we are deep in the 4 quarter, it’s 3 / 5 down on 85 yard line, The Quarterback throws the pig skin, a tackle, an interception, and CUT! The director has thrown a flag on the set, to review video replay. Football has been a part of cinema since 1921 with comedy Two Minutes To Go, scene then we tailgated movie theaters to watch stories of our heroes, bands of misfits and more tackles off the field then on.



The Replacements


Opening Day

August 7 200

Penalty Minutes

Too Many men on the field.


Howard Deutch


Keanu Reeves - Shane Falcon

Gene Hackman - Jimmy McGinty

Brooke Langton - Annabelle Farrell

Jon Favreau - Bateman


Shane Falco: I want the ball.

Jimmy McGinty: Winners always do

Arena or Stadium used Film location

M&T Bank Stadium - 1101 Russell Street, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

FedEx Field - 1600 FedEx Way, Landover, Maryland, USA


Bust a Move - Young MC

Takin Care If Business- Randy Bachman


Crossing the Picket Line to play get a Pros


Aspect ratio: 1.85.1

Formate: 35 mm