Game Shows in Cinema

Cheat or assassinate, all you have to do is survive under pressure, be the last to survive, you’ll win the grand prize of fame & misfortune.

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

The Game - Game Show Host Assassin

Host - George Clooney - Chuck Barris

Contestants - Sam Rockwell - Chuck Barris

Drew Barrymore - Penny

Julia Roberts - Patrica Watson

Prize - All expense paid trip to East Germany

Bonus round

Palisades Park- ​ Freddy Cannon the song was written by Chuck Barris

Quiz Show

The Game - Twenty One where the only way to keep winning is by knowing the answers to the questions. Unless the FBI is asking the questions.


Robert Redford


John Turturro - Herbie Stempel

Rob Morrow - Dick Goodwin

Ralph Fiennes - Charles Van Doren

Hank Azaria - Albert

Prize - Highest Rating on Television

Bonus round

The true story behind the movie Quiz Show Scandal


The Game What do Kids Know? - Life spiraling stores that interconnect together


Paul Thomas Anderson


Tom Cruise - Frank T.J. Mackey

Philip Seymour Hoffman - Phil Parma

Julianne Moore - Linda Partridge

Jason Robards - Earl Partridge

William H. Macy - Quiz Kid Doinne Smith


A bit closer from the game show called life.

Bonus round

Dream - Gabrielle

People Just Do Nothing: Big in Japan

The Game: Trying to make your dreams happen in the music industry.