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The Good The Bad The Game Show a collection of clips from around the globe of the greatest not so greatest moments in game show history. We start off with the contestants with some wacky names like Robert Fagot whose mother interferes with his love life. Answering some of the darnedest questions like on the Newlywed Game, Where is the weirdest place you made Whoopi? Answer In the ass. Outrageous stunts like trying to conquer a Gladiator in the Power Ball Celebrities also get into the action like Howard Stern, Big Bird, Jerry Seinfeld and the competitors of Battle of the Network stars. All this just to win the Grand Prize A natural Russian squirrels fur coat.

Game Shows shows featured: Wheel of Fortune, Press Your Luck, Family Feud, Newlywed Game, Battle of the Network Stars, Test Pattern, Dating game, Hollywood Squares, Win Loser or Draw, The Price is Right, Wipe Out, Jeopardy, Battle Stars & American Gladiators.

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