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January 10

World Laughter Day

1863 The London Underground opens.

1929 Metropolis directed by Fritz Lang

1990 Time Warner is formed

1995 Late Late Show with Tom Snyder begins airing on CBS

Happy Birthday

1815 Sir John A. MacDonald

1916 Don Metz Hockey Player 5 x Stanley Cup winner

1945 Rod Stewart Musician

1949 George Foreman Olympic Gold Medal, Boxer

1949 Linda Lovelace adult Entertainer

1961 Janet Jones actress married to Wayne Gretzky

1970 Buff Bagwell Wrestler

1974 Jermaine Clement Flight of the Concords

1978 Tamina Snuka WWE Wrestler

1980 Sarah Shahi Dallas Cowboy

Cheerleader, actress in The L Word, & Chicago Fire.

1989 Zuria Vega actress in Alma de

hierro, & Mi marido tiene familia

1995 Blanca Padilla model

1998 Sarah Ellen youtuber


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