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On This Day

January 14

National Dress Up Your Pet Day

1969 Green Bay Packers win the Super Bowl 2 33 - 14 over the Oakland Raiders

1972 Sanford & Son premieres on NBC starring Redd Foxx

1973 Miami Dolphins beat Washington Redskins 14 -7 to win Super Bowl 7

1999 Mel Lastman calls in the Canadian Army to help Toronto get rid of snow.

2004 The film Torque premieres starring Ice-Cube

Happy Birthday to

1915 Mark Goodson producer & creator of Family Feud & The Price is Right

1941 Faye Dunaway actress

1948 Carl Weathers actor stared in Rocky, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Predator, Action Jackson, & Arrested Development.

1954 Hacksaw Jim Duggan WWE superstar

1965 Slick Rick Hip-Hop Legend

1968 LL Cool J Hip-Hop Legend

1960 Jason Batmen actor Arrested Development

1969 Dave Grohl musician Nirvana, Foo Fiughters


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