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On This Day

January 17

1929 Popeye The Sailor Man makes his first appearance in Thimble Theater Comic Strip.

1971 Baltimore Colts win Super Bowl V 16 - 13 over the Dallas Cowboys.

1971 Ivan Koloff becomes the beating Bruno Sammartino for the WWWF World Champion.

1991 The Gulf War official begins

1992 Juice hits movie theaters starring Tupac & Samuel L. Jackson

2001 The Drudge Report breaks The Lewinsky Scandal

2007 North Korea sets The Doomsday Clock

Happy Birthday

1899 Al Capone Gangster

1922 Robert De Niro Sr. artist

1922 Betty White

1929 Jacques Plante NHL Goaltender 6 X Stanley Cup Champion

1931 James Earl Jones, actor the voice of Darth Vader

1941 Muhammad Ali Boxing Great 4 x WBA Champion, 4 X WBC Champion.

1962 Jim Carrey actor Pet Detective, In Living Color, Dumb and Dumber

1962 Taija Rae Adult Entertainer

1969 Tiesto DJ

1970 Jeremy Roenick NHL Hockey player

1998 Hollie Jay bowes actress