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On This Day

January 19

National Popcorn Day

1937 Howard Hughes flies from Los Angeles to New York setting flying record at 7h 28m 25s.

January 19 1950 the Canadian built Avro CF-100 is ready for takeoff.

1996 Winnipeg Jets announce they are moving to Phoenix

1986 The Apple introduces the Apple Lisa 1st personal computer with a mouse

1991 Hulk Hogan wins the Royal Rumble and Sgt. Slaughter wins the WWF Title from The Ultimate Warrior

1992 Ric Flair wins the WWE Royal and wins the vacted WWF Heavy Weight Title.

1997 Stone Cold Steve Austin is the winner of Royal Rumble.

2001 The Caveman's Valentine opens in theaters starring Samuel L. Jackson

Happy Birthday

1809 Edgar Allan Poe author, Poet

1946 Dolly Patton Musician Actress

1954 Katey Segal actress Married With Children, Son of Anarchy

1972 R-Truth WWE Superstar

1982 Jodie Sweetin actress Full House

1988 Mike Dalton aka Tyler Breeze, WWE Wrestler

1990 Valeria Orsini model

1992 Shawn Johnson gymnasts

1993 Dani Thorne actress Hannah Montana



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