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On This Day January 3

1952 Dragnet premieres on NBC

1959 Alaska becomes the 59 state

1977 Apple Computer is Incorporated

1991 Wayne Gretzky scores his 700th goal against the New York Islanders

1999 Nasa lunches Mars Polar Lander

Happy Birthday

1929 Sergio Leone Film Director Once upon a time in America, A Fistful of Full of Dollars

1939 Bobby Hull Hockey Hall of Fame, 1 x Stanley Cup

1940 John Lewis Civil Right Leader POliticion

1952 Jim Ross Sportscaster on WWE Personality, & podcaster

1956 Mel Gibson Actor Mad Max

1975 Danica McKellar actress starred in The Wonder Years, How I Met Your Mother, & The Jetsons & WWE: Robo-WrestleMania!

1981 Eli Manning football player 2 x Champion

1992 Candelaria Molfese actress

1994 Olivia Buckland reality Star

1996 Cassidy Shaffer actress in Ray Donovan, Friends with Benefits & Austin & Ally


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