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On This Day

January 6

The Epiphany

1681 The first boxing match between Butler vs Butcher of The Duke Of Albemarle

1973 Schoolhouse Rock premiers on the small screen.

1976 Atlanta Braves are bought by Ted Turner

1994 Tonya Harding & her bodyguard attack Nancy Kerrigan

2003 On WWE Monday Night Raw Lance Storm & William Regal win the Tag Team Tiles over Booker T & Goldust .

Happy Birthday

1412 Joan of Arc

1946 Syd Barrett musician Pink Floyd

1953 Malcolm Young ACDC

1955 Rowan Atkinson Mr.Bean

1964 Konnan podcaster, wrestler 1 x US Champion.

1968 John Singleton Director Boyz In The Hood

1984 Kate McKinnon Comedian, actress starred in SNL, Office Christmas Party, The Simpsons, & Ghostbusters.

1993 Alicia Wright Reality Star




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