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On This Day

June 15

Wind Day

Nature Photography Day

Smile Day

1670 Fort Ricasoli starts being built in Malta

1936 Arkansas becomes the 25th state of America

1954 UEFA is established

1960 The Apartment opens in theaters

1979 Rocky II starring Sylvester Stallone opens in movie theaters

1993 The Anaheim Mighty Ducks are established as a NHL franchise

1999 The White Stripes release their debut album The White Stripes

2000 Samuel L. Jackson was on WWE SmackDown

2001 Bully Premieres at the Method Fest

2011 Boston Bruins Win the Stanley Cup over the Vancouver Canucks

2011 A riot breaks out in Vancouver after the Canucks lose to the Stanley Cup to Boston Bruins

Happy Birthday

1917 Lash LaRue actor

1920 Sam Sniderman aka Sam The Record Man

1949 Jim Varney actor Ernest

1937 Waylon Jennings Country Music Legend

1958 Wade Boggs baseball player World Series Champion

1963 Helen Hunt actress starred in Mad About You, What Women Want, Twister, The Simpsons, & Kiss of Death

1964 Courtney Cox actress Friends,

1969 ICE CUBE Rapper Actor

1971 Bif Naked musical, actress

1973 Neil Patrick Harris actor Doggie Howser MD, Gone Girl & How I Meet Your Mother

1980 Mary Carey actress

1989 Bayley WWE Wrestler 1 x WWE Raw Women's Championship 1 x NXT Champ, 2 x SamckDown Champ, First WWE Women's Grand Slam Champion.

1997 Marije Zuurveld youtuber

1997 Madison Kocian Gymnast

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