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On This Day

June 6

Russian Language Day

National Drive-In Movie Day

1891 Canada's First prime minister Sir. John A. MacDonald Passes away.

1933 In Camden, New Jersey the first drive in movie theater opens in the backyard of Richard M. Hollingshead Jr.

1944 D-Day aka Operation Neptune Allied invasion of Normandy during the German occupation of France, it was the largest seaborne battle in World War 2.

1946 The NBA National Basketball Association announces it's first with 11 teams Toronto Huskies, New York Knickerbockers, Boston Celtics, Chicago Stags, Detroit Falcons, Cleveland Rebels, Philadelphia Warriors, Pittsburgh Ironmen, Providence Steam Rollers , St. Louis Bombers, Washington Capitals

1683 Oxford University then grand opening of the first museum The Ashmolean

1972 The New York Islanders are awarded an NHL Franchise

1972 The album Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust is released by David Bowie

1984 The video game Tetris goes on sale in Russia

2006 ICE-CUBE releases the album Laugh Now, Cry Later

Happy Birthday

1947 Robert England aka Freddy Kurger

1960 Steve Vai guitarist was in the band Frank Zppa

1965 Cam Neely Hockey player who played for the Boston Bruins

1967 Paul Giamatti Actor Private Parts

1975 Staci Kwanan actress My Two Dads

1985 Drew McIntyre WWE Wrestler 1 x WWE Heavy Weight Champion 1 x WWE Intercontinental Championship 1x Tag Team Champion

1988 Maria Alyokhina advocate musician in the Band Pussy Riot

1998 Ella Poletti musician



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