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This day in Histroy

March 9

1908 The Italian football club Inter Milan is founded

1938 Snow White and Seven dwarfs premiered in Toronto at the Loews Uptown Theater

1960 Barbie makes her her first appearance in New York at The Toy Fair

1964 The first Ford Mustang hits the road

1968 The Grammy Awards are held The Beatles win Album of the year Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heats Club band

1977 Canadian Hero Terry Fox loses his leg to cancer

1984 Splash premiers in New York staring John Candy, Tom Hanks, Darryl Hannnah

1997 The Notorious B.I.G. passes away

2009 CM Punk wins the WWE Intercontinental Championship from John Bradshaw Layfield

Happy Birthday

1454 Amerigo Vespucci explorer the person America is named after.

1933 Mel Lastman former Toronto Mayor

1971 Emmanuel Lewis actor in 80’s show Webster

1972 AZ Rapper

1979 Oscar Isaac actor in Sucker Punch, Ex Machina, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, X-Men: Apocalypse & Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

1980 Chingy Rapper

1983 Maite Perroni actress in Anything But Plain, & The Stray Cat.

1986 Brittany Snow actress

1987 Bow Wow rapper

1995 Cierra Ramirez actress The Secret Life of the American Teenager, & The Fosters.


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