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On This Day

May 10

Human Kindness Day

1837 The Panic of 1837

1903 The Omni King Edward Hotel opens in Toronto, designed by architects Henry Ives Cobb & E.J. Lennox, located on 37 King Street East.

1962 The comic The Incredible Hulk hits newsstands for the first time

1970 Bobby Orr scores the game winning goal winning the Stanley Cup for the Boston Bruins

1975 The Betamax videocassette recorder put out by Sony

1978 Liverpool win the European Cup Over Club Brugge at Wembley Stadium

1979 Apocalypse Now premiers directed by Francis Ford Coppola

1993 Modern Life is Rubbish is released by Blur

Happy Birthday

1838 John Wilkes Booth the man who assassinated Abraham Lincoln

1944 Jim Abrahams director writer of films Airplane, Naked Gun, Hot Shots!

1946 Donovan singer songwriter

1952 Sly Dunbar musician drummer in Sly and Robbie & The Upsetters

1953 Tito Santana WWE hall of fame 2004, 2 x WWF Intercontinental Champ 2 x WWF Tag team Champ, King of the Ring 1989

1957 Sid Vicious in the Band the Sex Pistols

1960 Bono musician singer songwriter in the Band U2

1962 David Fincher Film director, Seven, The Fight Club, Gone Girl

1965 Linda Evangelista model actress

1967 Young MC rapper hit song Bust a Move

1968 William Regal WWE superstar

1971 Craig Mack rapper

1978 Kenan Thompson actor besy nknown for SNL, & Good Burger

1985 Ryan Getzlaf NHL hockey player

1993 Halston Sage actress starred Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, & Neighbors.


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