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On This Day

May 17

International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia

1620 Line up stars here for the first Merry-go-Round

1792 The New York Stock Exchange bells ring in for the first time

1872 In the first Kentucky Derby Aristides wins jockeyed by Oliver Lewis

1963 Bruno Sammartino wins WWWF Championship over Buddy Rogers in 48 seconds

1980 The Empire Strikes Back premiers Directed by Irvin Kershner , Starting Mark Hamill

1983 New York Islanders win there 4 Stanley Cup in row sweeping the Edmonton Oilers

1993 Marty Jannetty wins the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Happy Birthday

1155 Jien Poet

1898 AJ Casson born in Toronto artist member of the Group of 7

1931 Marshall Appewhite cult leader

1934 Ronald Wayne co-founder of apple computers

1936 Dennis Hopper actor Easy Rider

1956 Sugar Ray Leonard Boxing great

1960 Simon Fuller producer

1962 Craig Ferguson TV show host

1965 Trent Reznor musician Nine Inch Nails

1970 Jordan Knight NKOTB

1973 Josh Homme musician Queens of the Stone age

1973 Sasha Alexander actress starred in Shameless, & NCIS.

1976 Kandi Burruss singer Xscape

1986 Erin Richards actress in Gotham

1990 Charlotte-Letitia Crosby Reality TV Star

1993 Dessy Slavova actress


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