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On This day

May 25

Africa Day

Geek Pride Day

Wine Day

1965 Mudammad Ali VS Sonny Liston ends in the 1st round

1969 The movie premier of Midnight Cowboy

1977 Star Wars is released in Theatres

1979 Alien is released in theatres

1983 In game is at exhibition stadium To inside the ballpark homeruns are hit One by Detroit tigers Kurt GibsonThe other by Toronto Blue Jays Jorge Orta.

1983 Return Of the Jedi is released in movie theatres

1986 Hands Across America

1989 The Calgary Flames win their first Stanley Cup Beating the Montréal Canadiens in six games.

1990 Wild at Heart Premiers at Cannes Film Festival

1995 The Québec Nordiques Are sold To Comesat Corporation Moving the team to Colorado and Changing the name to Avalanche for A whopping 75 million.

1991 Pittsburg Penguins & Mario Lemieux win the Stanley Cup over Minnesota North Stars

2011 The last Oprah Winfrey show airs.

Happy Birthday

1048 Emperor Shenzong of Song

1860 Robert Baldwin Ross Journalist, Literary executor & friend of Osac Wild

1926 Phyllis Fay Gotlieb sci-fi author & poet, who was born in Toronto

1944 Frank Oz director, actor

1963 Mike Myers actor SNL , Austin Powers,

1969 Anne Heche actress

1973 Daz Dillinger rapper The Dogg Pound

1973 Molly Sims actress

1984 Unnur Birna Vilhjálmsdóttir Miss World

1985 Roman Reigns WWE Superstar

1990 Bo Dallas WWE Superstar



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