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On this Day

May 26 National Paper Air Plane Day


1647 Alse Young is the fist witch executed in USA

1781 The Bank of North America is incorporated

1897 Dracula written by Bram Stroker is Published

1967 The album Sgt . Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band is released by the Beatles

1982 ET premiers at Cannes film Festival Directed by Steven Spielberg Drew Berrymore.

1988 Edmonton Oilers win the Stanley Cup in 4 games over Boston Bruins

1993 Menace II Society directed by he Hughes Brothers starring Tyrin Turner, Larenz Tate & Samuel L. Jackson

1994 Michael Jackson marries Lisa Marie Presley

1995 Friday starring ICE CUBE hits movie theaters

2002 Monday night rawFromThe sky Reach center live from Edmonton Alberta Canada Where Rob Van damBeat Eddie Guerrero in the ladder matchTo win the WWF World heavyweight championship

Happy Birthday

1886 Al Jolson Singer actor

1907 John Wayne actor the Searchers

1926 Miles Davis Jazz Legend

1948 Stevie Nicks singer Fleetwood Mac

1949 Pam Grier actress Coffy, Foxy Brown,


1949 Hank Williams Jr. Musican

1955 Eric Bischoff Wrestling personality

1962 Bobcat Goldthwait actor musician, Police Academy

1964 Lenny Kravitz musician

1966 Helena Bonham Carter actress know for Dark Shadows, Alice in Wonderland, Corpse Bride, Big Fish, & Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

1971 Matt Stone creator of South Park

1975 Lauryn Hill singer The Fugees

1977 Misaki Ito model

1982 Monique Alexander

1992 Niomi Smart Youtuber