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On this Day

October 11

1899 American League get a name change formally know as the Western League

1913 Philadelphia Athletics win the World Series in 5 games over the New York Giants

1943 New York Yankees become the first team to win 10 World Series when they beat St. Louis Cardinals 4 - 1

1948 The Cleveland Indians Capture the world series 4 games to 2 over the Boston Braves.

1955 Oklahoma open in a road show movie theatre

1971 Imagine is released by John Lennon

1975 Saturday Night Live make it’s TV premier hosted by George Carlin

1979 The TV pilot of The Littlest Hobo airs

1992 One of the greatest come backs in MLB The Toronto Blue Jays where down 6 -1 to the Oakland Athletics they would come back to win 7 - 6.

1996 The Long Kiss Goodnight opens in movie theatres directed by Renny Harlin starring Geena Davis, & Samuel L. Jackson,

2006 The premier of 30 Rock on NBC

Happy Birthday

1946 Daryl Hall musician in the band Hall & Oates

1945 Dusty Rhodes Wrestling Legend

1947 Al Atkins musician in the band Judas Priest

1965 Rikishi WWE superstar


1967 Artie Lange comedian, actor,used to be on Howard Stern

1971 MC Lyte rapper

1992 Cardi B. rapper actress


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